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We pride ourselves on working with the top solar financing companies in the country which allows us to offer a wide range of technologies to our clients.

At Diversolar, we are committed to protecting our global environment by harnessing the power of the sun, one home at a time. We believe we can do this by helping homeowners save money while reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

Diversolar maintains an inclusive and diverse team environment where each team member is encouraged to share their skills, knowledge, and experience. We are confident that our expertise and partnerships with top solar financing companies will become a valuable asset when you decide to go solar with Diversolar.

Kahlil Bishop

Kahlil Bishop

CEO & Founder

Owner Kahlil Bishop is not only a licensed contractor but also likes to roll up his sleeves as Managing Director to make sure each solar energy system is installed to the client's satisfaction. With nearly a decade of experience in the solar industry, Kahlil understands the requirements of each system, how the state incentives can be beneficial for clients, and how to get the job done in an efficient and proper manner.

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