Diversify Your Solar Solutions

Protect your home or business against rising energy prices, help preserve the environment, and increase your property value with Diversolar solar panels and battery backup solutions.

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What we do

Helping Tri-State Homeowners & Businesses take back control of their energy bills with Renewable, Sustainable, and Eco-friendly energy.


While there are many solar options out there, we take the time to help our clients understand the choices and how their home or business could benefit from solar energy. In conjunction with our team, we put the owners in control of what solar options they feel they need for their unique situation and energy consumption patterns.


Not only does Diversolar offer high quality solar panels, we also make it our mission to have a diverse and inclusive team of technicians, sales personnel, and managers. Our range of experiences make us uniquely suited to help our clients understand how solar can positively impact their home or business.


Using our many years of experience in the solar industry, and training in specific solar technologies, our team understands the latest solar technology and how it can be used in both residential and commercial applications. Diversolar has worked with some of the top solar financing companies in the Tri-State area, including SunPower, SunRun, Sunnova, and SunVault/Tesla Battery solutions and strives to help our clients make the right choice for their home and budget.

Residential Solar

Homeowners can reduce their energy bills to nearly nothing, all while contributing to the environment with sustainable, clean energy usage. With an industry-leading warranty and falling solar prices, solar energy is the smart choice for homeowners looking to cut energy costs and increase their property value.

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Commercial Solar

Be a part of the energy solution by adding solar panels to your business. Whether you have room for your panels on the rooftop, carport, or ground-mounted, solar panels have distinct benefits for commercial businesses looking to be environmentally responsible while tapping into utility savings for the bottom line. 

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Battery Backups

Solar storage capabilities have come a long way in the past few years. Our battery backups and solar storage solutions can be a real lifesaver when the weather isn’t cooperating or when emergency power is needed.

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Who We are

One size does not fit all in the workplace or with solar energy options.

Working in one of the most diverse areas of our nation, Diversolar makes it our promise to offer both diversity in our workplace and diversity of solar options we provide for our clients. 


Across the Tri-State area, solar panels from Diversolar are showing up everywhere.

Read what our clients have to say about our team and the advantages solar power has to offer.

I priced a number of different solar panels and arrays with different companies. These guys worked with me to get the best price with the largest kwh production and covered all the work for 25 years. Highly recommend!

Vendetta Ny

I am very satisfied and thankful for the service I received from Diversolar.

Ron Brown

When I was looking to get my solar panels, I spoke to a couple of companies about it and I couldn’t make up my mind, until I met with Mr. Bishop who guided me through the process. It was then when I made my decision of going solar. The quality of the panels and the affordable price made my transition much easier.


It’s with great enthusiasm that I recommend Mr. Bishop and the Company, Diversolar. Mr. Bishop has demonstrated that he is reliable, knowledgeable and honest.  The Company demonstrated that they will work with you to get it right. My experience has been positive and I am confident in recommending both Diversolar and Mr. Bishop for their excellent service.

Darnell Charles

Diversolar is the BEST. Mr. Bishop knows solar. He is very knowledgeable, kind and reasonable. If you are planning on having Solar installed please contact Mr. Bishop. I did and I’m very very happy.

Jonathan Headley

I could tell immediately how passionate he was about his company and service. He spent time making it work for my budget and I appreciate it. I definitely recommend!

Aikira Brown

Great service from start to finish. Every question was answered to my satisfaction. Detailed work and everything was down in one day. I’m recommending them to all my family and friends. Great job 👏🏾

Vivian Saunders

Diversify Your Solar Solutions

Explore how our solar solutions could benefit you.

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