Battery Backups

About Battery Backups

Battery backup systems such as the SunPower battery storage solution and Tesla Powerwall, allow homeowners to take control of the power in their home even when the sun isn’t shining.

Advancements in solar and battery technologies makes this a perfect time to pair the two for a complete solar energy system and battery backup. Never worry about a power outage or grid issue again. Your appliances and home will continue to run as your solar energy system switches to battery power whenever needed.

SunPower SunVault

SunVault™ Battery Backup

SunVault™ by SunPower allows homeowners to tap into stored power when they need it the most.

When grid power fails due to storms or a strain on the power system, SunVault™ can be accessed with the touch of a finger on the SunVault™ app.

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One of the best incentives for storage is the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The ITC that provides a credit (decreasing each year until 2024) on the cost of your solar system also provides that same benefit to storage systems. Conditions do apply depending upon the state of installation. Please ask your Solar specialist what your home energy storage system may qualify for.

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