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What state or federal incentives are currently being offered for installing solar panels?

There are multiple levels of incentives for people in the New York area to go solar. Included in these incentives are the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) which is currently at 26%, dropping to 22% in 2023 and ending in 2024. Other incentives and tax credits include: NY State Solar Energy System Equipment Tax Credit, an available 25% state solar tax credit; NY-Sun Megawatt (MW) Block Program with up to $1,000 for every kilowatt (kW) of solar power installed; Solar Electric Generating System Tax Abatement (SEGS), a property tax exemption on solar plus storage options, and Home Solar Project Sales Tax Exemption, a 4% home solar system state sales tax exemption. (Source: SunRun NewYork)

How much do solar panels cost?

In order to calculate the cost of solar panels, our team will analyze the energy usage patterns of your home or business to determine how many panels are needed to power the building. Once we understand your energy consumption, we will have a better idea of the size of the system your home/business will need and will be able to give you a quote.

What type of warranty can I expect on a solar system?

We install industry-leading solar panels with 25 year warranties. In addition, once installed, solar panels have very little maintenance.

Is my home or business a good candidate for a solar installation?

Our team at Diversolar will inspect your home/business’s roof or other areas where you would like to install solar panels to determine if the site is a good candidate for solar. Southern-facing roofs with direct sunlight are ideal for solar installation.

Do solar panels work when there is no sun shining?

The Tri-State area receives plenty of daytime sun to make solar panels well worth the investment. Solar panels work most efficiently when there is direct sunlight, however solar energy is still collected even on cloudy or partly cloudy days.

How does solar power work?

Solar power works by harnessing the power of the sun. During daylight hours, the sun’s rays beat down on the Earth. Solar panels capture that energy in photovoltaic cells, generating direct current energy (DC). By using an inverter attached to your home, that energy is converted into alternating current (AC) which is used by most homes and businesses. The energy is either used directly in the building or sent back to the grid for use by other homes.

Why go solar at my home or business?

There are many reasons why homeowners and businesses decide to go solar. Topping the list is the financial benefit of solar panels. Not only can solar panels help reduce electric energy costs, they protect against the rising costs of energy. Real estate specialists also believe that solar panels increase home value when it comes time to sell. Environmentally, solar panels are a renewable and sustainable energy source that can help reduce Greenhouse gas emissions, which is a leading factor in climate change.

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